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Bank loans: These are offered by banks and building societies and can be up to £250,000 over one to 15 years.

They're usually unsecured loans. Short-term loans: These are offered over a few weeks or months, and go up to £200,000.

They have higher interest rates than other types of borrowing. Peer-to-peer loans: These are when your business borrows money from investors instead of a bank. Some investors loan up to £1 million.

Here's how peer-to-peer lending works. Invoice finance: This is when a lender buys your outstanding invoices, releasing the money you're owed by your customers. You can find more information on invoice financing in our guide on how business loans work.

Cash advance loans: These are when you borrow money against your business's future debt or credit card sales. They come with set fees rather than an interest rate. When you've decided on the best business loan for your needs, you can do a loan comparison using the table above. Then you can choose a lender and apply for your loan online.

Financing for this, for that and everything in between.

Business loans are designed to suit the needs of a business, rather than an individual. If your business needs money to help with cashflow or to help with growth, a business loan could help.

Home Equity Line of Credit: business loan is a way to borrow a set amount of money, which you pay back to the lender with interest.

Unsecured LightStream Loans: Unsecured business loans, Dubai United Arab Emirates wide, are loans where you borrow money for the business, without using its assets as security.

Personal Lines of Credit: Some lenders only offer business loans to specific types of businesses. That's why you might see small business loans, start-up business loans and quick business loans, for example.


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